Vintage Tie Clasps: How Old Are They?

Vintage Tie Clasps

Once you start collecting some vintage tie clasps, you might start to wonder just how old some of them are.

It’s only natural to wonder about them once you develop an interest in “vintage tie clasps“.

Over the years, I’ve come up with a list that I use to date the vintage tie clasps that I sell in my Website Direct store.

I’m not saying it’s a definitive list, but it’s the best I’ve got to work with for the time being. As I learn something new, I add it to my list.

Here are some great tips for buying vintage tie clasps…


Just How Vintage Is It?

  • In simple terms, something over 20 years old is vintage and something over 100 years old is antique.
  • Copyright symbols do not appear on jewellery made before 1955.
  • Unless it has been kept in its original felt-lined box, authentic vintage tie clasps, cufflinks, etc., should show signs of wear.


Dating Vintage Tie Clasps

  • Slide-on tie bars are likely before the 1950s.
    Vintage Tie Clasp - Slide-On
    (Vintage Tie Clasp – Slide-On)
  • Initials (monogrammed) hit popularity in the 1940s.
    Vintage Tie Clasp - Monogrammed Initials
    (Vintage Tie Clasp – Monogrammed Initials)
  • The pierced look was launched in the late 1940s. E.g. swords or arrows that look like they pierce through your tie.
    Vintage Tie Clasp - Pierced Look
    (Vintage Tie Clasp – Pierced Look)
  • Novelty tie clasps were also introduced in the late 1940s. E.g. scissors and tools.
    Vintage Tie Clasp - Spade/Shovel
    (Vintage Tie Clasp – Novelty Spade/Shovel)
  • The crocodile clasp was introduced in the 1950s.
    Vintage Tie Clasp - Crocodile/Alligator Clip
    (Vintage Tie Clasp – Crocodile/Alligator Clip)
  • Tie clasps became shorter in the 1960s (due to the introduction of skinny ties – think Madmen).
    Vintage Tie Clasp - Short Length
    (Vintage Tie Clasp – Short Length)


A Little Bit About Swank

In my experience, these days the SWANK name appears on more vintage mens jewellery than any other maker’s name. This is a testament to the quality of their pieces.

Swank started in 1897 as the Attleboro Manufacturing Company and started using the SWANK hallmark in the late 1920s.

Two of the SWANK changes can be used to help date their pieces:

  • The Swank hallmark used angular block lettering up until 1940. Swank used a hallmark of rounded block lettering from the mid-1930s onwards. There is an overlap of the different styles of hallmark.

Vintage Cufflinks SWANK
(SWANK cufflinks with angular hallmark lettering)

Swank Rounded Hallmark Lettering
(SWANK tie clasp with rounded hallmark lettering)


Enjoy the journey!

Collecting mens vintage jewellery is the coolest hobby in the world!

You can wear your vintage tie clasps, cufflinks, etc., to work every day and dazzle the office.

You can build your outfit around a fabulous piece of vintage jewellery that is uniquely “you”, and it feels wonderful!

Enjoy your journey collecting Vintage Tie Clasps – an exciting and rewarding journey.

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