Ten Classic Mistakes Men Make With Suits

10 Classic Mistakes Men Make With Suits

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Every man should own a suit. Your suit should make you look good, but it is so easy to get wrong.

You want to look good… go buy a suit! Easy! Not so fast buddy!

Simple mistakes can easily ruin your look.

Make sure you are not making these classic mistakes when it comes to your suit. These are ten stupid mistakes that are so easy to avoid…

Your suit is your message, your “business card”.


Ten Suit Tips To Make You Look Good

#1. Trust Your Instinct

You try on a suit in a store, and check yourself in the mirror. Gut feeling – Do you like how it looks on you? If not, put it back. Simple. Don’t let the salesman talk you into it – he may only be thinking about his commission.

It needs to feel right when you wear it. To send the right message, you need to feel great. If your suit doesn’t feel like a second skin, it will show.

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#2. The Tack Stitching

Quality suits will have “tack stitching” to protect from damage prior to you wearing it. Tack stitching can be found on the pockets (front and breast), on the vents (the flaps at the back or sides), or on the shoulders. Carefully remove the tack stitching and avoid damaging your new suit.

If you don’t plan to use your pockets, you can leave the tack stitching in place as it will help to keep the structure and shape. ALWAYS remove tack stitching from the vents so your jacket can move the way it is meant to.

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#3. The Tags

Always remove the suit tags

Quality suits will have a brand label on the sleeve – ALWAYS remove this tag. Yes, ALWAYS. Leaving the label in place is one of the worst mistakes you can make and will leave you looking like an amateur.


#4. The Fit

This is a big deal! You can look better in a well-fitting $100 suit than you will in a poor-fitting $10,000 suit. Jacket sleeves and trousers should be the right length and your suit should fit around your shoulders and waist. If your suit is too big it won’t sit right and it could make you look like you have health issues. If you are also young-looking, you might look like a kid in your Dad’s suit and not be taken seriously. If your suit is too tight, it will pull at the buttons or (worse) you won’t be able to button up.

Suits can be adjusted, but only a little, so make sure your suit fits well to start with – or as close as possible – then add some minor adjustments.

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#5. Fabric & Quality

When it comes to suit fabric, the choices are endless – textures, weaves, materials, patterns. It is difficult to tell the difference in quality when shopping online, apart from the cost. Unless you know the make, size and style that you want, always shop for a suit in person so you can touch it, feel it, look at it… and most importantly, try it on. Check that all seams are intact and the lining is held securely. Try on different sizes to get the best fit.

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#6. Classic or Trendy Suit

You should be aiming to get at least 10 years wear out of a suit… something to consider when looking at the price tag. Think of your suit as an investment – it will help you get promotions and pay rises. A classic style never goes out of fashion. A Cary Grant suit from the 1950s could easily be worn today and not look out-of-place.

You will only get a couple of years out of a trendy suit because it will look out-of-place as soon as the trends change. Also, a trendy suit may not be appropriate for your workplace. Definitely avoid shiny suits. A traditional suit will give you many years of wear.

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#7. Practice Wearing Your Suit

It is important to be comfortable in your suit. If you are new to suits, wear it around the house before you wear it in the outside world. You must avoid looking uncomfortable at a job interview or at the office. Once you are comfortable, you will enjoy the look and feel, and your confidence will grow. Confidence makes you look better to others.

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#8. Enhance Your Suit Correctly

What will you be wearing with your suit? It is very easy to ruin the look of a good suit. Make sure your pairing adds value:

  • A shirt that complements and doesn’t clash
  • An elegant necktie that goes with your suit and shirt
  • A classy pocket square to match your necktie
  • Clean shoes of good quality and appearance
  • A belt that matches your shoes and goes with your suit
  • Socks that don’t scream “look at me!”
  • Personal grooming that is neat and tidy (hair and facial hair)

Use your bed to lay out your suit and test different colored shirts – choose up to three colors. Then test your neckties with the suit/shirt color combos – choose up to three ties. Now try on the combinations and look at yourself in the mirror. Decide which colors work and which don’t.


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#9. A Suit… Or Trousers & a Jacket

A suit and a “mix and match” are not the same thing. Just because you are wearing trousers and a jacket, does not mean you are wearing a suit. If an event requires a suit, do not wear a sports jacket and trousers.

Many men don’t get it but – put simply – a suit is trousers and a jacket (and sometimes a waistcoat) that are made from the same fabric and are meant to be worn together. Wearing any old jacket and trousers, no matter how well they go together, is not a suit.


#10. Know When To Wear Your Suit

Every man should own a suit and should know when to wear it. Every event will have a dress code. Know the “dress codes for men” or you will look out-of-place. Not every job interview will require a suit – research the company’s dress code. When going to an event, you don’t want to be over or under dressed.


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Make sure you look your best for any job interview, but also for everyday work days.
Remember, 80% of looking good comes from your confidence that you can pull it off. Once you look good, your confidence will grow. And this confidence makes you look better to others.

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