15 Simple Style Changes You Can Make Today

Are you looking for some simple style upgrade tips? You’ve come to the right place.

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Let’s face it – New Year Resolutions, like going to the gym or drinking less alcohol, never stick! There, I said it. Old health habits won’t give up easily. Your resolutions should never be fitness-related.

And forget New Year! Style resolutions can be any time of year. In fact, it’s a good idea to review a list (like the one below) three or four times a year – so you don’t slip.

It’s far better to make resolutions to improve your image… and who knows, those fitness-related pie-in-the-sky things might work their way in naturally.

This year I’m going to focus on improving myself by giving myself a style upgrade.

I’m sharing my style upgrade tips with you so you can focus on it too!


Style Upgrade:
15 Simple Style Changes You Can Make Today

  1. Pick someone stylish to emulate – an actor, musician, someone real who you admire – to be a role model. But don’t be creepy, don’t stand next to your boss at work dressed exactly the same. Just make minor adjustments and your own style will evolve.
    Ryan Gosling - suit
  2. Subscribe to a men’s style magazine (digital or print) – there are plenty out there. Try googling “mens style magazine”. Or check out the our Style Upgrade packages to unlock your potential.
  3. Style Upgrade
  4. Take your clothes to a tailor – for repairs or adjustments. You want to look your best – and too loose, too tight, too short, too long ain’t gonna cut it.
  5. Own at least one suit that fits perfectly and looks expensive, even if it isn’t.
    stylish three piece suit
  6. Donate or throw out any clothes that don’t fit or you don’t wear.
  7. Try a new haircut. I know, I will struggle with this one too.
  8. Watch James Bond – the entire series – from start to finish. He’s a pretty stylish gent!
  9. Anything “trendy” goes in the trash. I could make a joke about it coming back in style in twenty years, but I don’t want you to be out-of-style for twenty years. Just get rid of it now.
  10. Use a dry cleaner … regularly! Taking care of your clothes will keep them looking good and help them last longer.
  11. Go to a shoeshine – or do it yourself. Polishing your own shoes is fun. Turn it into a weekly ritual. Don’t ruin a stylish look with bad shoes.
    polishing shoes
  12. Get a manicure – or at least pay more attention to your fingernails – you put money and effort into your style, don’t ruin it with badly kept hands.
  13. Try some new eye-wear – even if it’s just sunglasses.
  14. Read more! – You can learn as much about stylish gentlemen from The Great Gatsby or Sherlock Holmes as you can from GQ. Good writers paint a picture with their words. And if you’re not reading about stylish gentlemen, improve your general knowledge on many topics.
  15. Invest in jewellery. I like vintage jewellery (for the character), but I’m biased. A watch, cufflinks, collar bar, tie bar. Get something nice and make a habit of wearing it.
    vintage tie clasp bar
  16. New Rule: If it doesn’t make you feel your best, then don’t wear it.


So how’s that for a list to get you started?

This will be your most stylish year yet. If you haven’t already done so, become a member at Vintage Cufflinks & More.

“Improving yourself is not just about the cufflinks you wear, it’s about you too and the image you portray – A Total Package”.

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15 Simple Style Resolutions


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