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Vintage Cufflinks and More

Vintage Cufflinks & More – See this week’s featured items (for sale on eBay) – download a free style guide – join other Members on this week’s featured product to improve your style and get ahead of your colleagues – grab a cuppa and read our featured blogpost – see what items are in the Website Direct Store where you can use your Member discount.


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  • Something for you… Who doesn’t love Wile E. Coyote! This is a fun-loving novelty retro necktie from the 1990s, adding charm and whimsy to your collection.
    Vintage Necktie 1990s Wile E Coyote
  • Take a step back in time… An attractive vintage tie clasp made by HICKOK USA featuring a chain and pendant, and an elegantly detailed front.
    Vintage Tie Clasp with Chain HICKOK USA
  • Come on a time-travel journey… A striking vintage tie clasp from the 1960s, with a stylish finish in a mix of textured and gloss – it catches the light beautifully.
    Vintage Tie Clasp 1960s - Textured Gloss Angled
  • In store now… This vintage tie clasp is from the 1970s when wide ties were in vogue – it is super long with a decorative front featuring a lined design to catch the light.
    Vintage Tie Clasp 1970s - Long - Lined Design
  • One for the ladies (currently on sale – 20% OFF!)… A beautiful vintage lipstick holder, made by STRATTON UK in the 1960s. It is made of goldtone metal and features a majestic brown tortoise-shell top. The lipstick compartment is spring-loaded and ejects when you open the lid.
    Vintage Lipstick Holder 1960s Stratton UK
  • Travel through time with me… An intriguing vintage tie clasp from the Order of Turtles, estimated to be 1950s, featuring an attractive turtle and engraved with YBYSAIA. (click to find out what that means!)
    Vintage Tie Clasp 1950s YBYSAIA Turtle Club
  • Waiting for you… A fabulous retro vintage money clip from the 1970s, with a modest style and a gloss finish.
    Vintage Money Clip 1970s - Gloss, Modest Style



What’s been selling…

  • Vintage Collar Bar with Chain & Pendant 1960s – shipped to Victoria, Australia.
    Vintage Collar Bar with Chain & Pendant 1960s
  • Vintage Collar Bar by SWANK, 1930s, Modest Style – shipped to New South Wales, Australia. A happy customer who came back again for more. 🙂
    Vintage Collar Bar by SWANK, 1930s Modest Style



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  • Ten Classic Suit Mistakes
    TEN CLASSIC MISTAKES that RUIN the look of your SUIT. Make sure you are not making these mistakes yourself – stupid mistakes that are so easy to avoid.



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