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Vintage Cufflinks and More


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This week’s highlights on eBay. Something for you, in store now. We ship worldwide. Check eBay listing for details.

7 Items for 7 Days:

Vintage Cravat Tie Clasp 1930s Krementz   Vintage Tie Clasp Clip Bar - Horse Equestrian - Black Cameo on MOP   Vintage Cravat Clip Tie Clasp 1920s Art Deco Antique - Goldtone Red White   Vintage Tie Clasp Clip Bar 1940s - Goldtone White & Old Car Novelty   Vintage Cufflinks SWANK 1940s - Goldtone Decorative Oval   Vintage Tuxedo Studs 1940s - Matte Black with Goldtone Star   Vintage Tie Clasp 1970s - Goldtone with Detailed Front and Black Accent

  1. Vintage Cravat Tie Clasp 1930s Krementz – A sensational vintage cravat tie clasp from the 1930s, made by KREMENTZ – intricate detailing gives a glimmering shine. Patterned on both sides – reversible.
  2. Vintage Tie Clasp, Horse Equestrian, Black Cameo on MOP – A majestic vintage tie clasp, featuring a black cameo horse on a shimmering mother-of-pearl background. Estimated to be 1940s.
  3. Vintage Cravat Clip Tie Clasp 1920s Art Deco Antique – Goldtone Red White – A handsome vintage cravat clip / tie clasp from the 1920s – Art Deco antique with red and white panels.
  4. Vintage Tie Clasp Clip Bar 1940s, Goldtone White & Classic Car – A nostalgic vintage tie clasp with a beautiful image of a vintage car on a white background.
  5. Vintage Cufflinks SWANK 1940s, Goldtone Decorative Oval – Charming vintage cufflinks, made by SWANK in the 1940s, with decorative oval-shaped fronts.
  6. Vintage Tuxedo Studs 1940s, Matte Black with Goldtone Star – Two beautiful spring-shank vintage tuxedo studs from the 1940s, with an 8 point glittering goldtone star on a matte black surround.
  7. Vintage Tie Clasp 1970s, Goldtone Detailed Front with Black Accent – A stylish vintage tie clasp from the 1970s, with a detailed front and a black polymer accent.



What’s been selling…

  • Vintage Cufflinks, Art Deco, 1930s – shipped to Victoria, Australia.
    Vintage Cufflinks, Art Deco, 1930s - White Iridescent Stone, Silvertone
  • Vintage Binoculars with Case – shipped to Queensland, Australia.
    Vintage Binoculars Super Zenith Prismatic Coated Optics 8x30mm Field 7.5 with Case



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“Do it right, and do it with style.” – Fred Astaire.



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