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“You have to feel confident. If you don’t, you’re going to be hesitant and defensive, and there’ll be a lot of things working against you.”
Clint Eastwood

Confidence has a huge impact on your appeal to others. And 80% of looking good comes from your confidence. Hold your head up, make eye contact, and don’t fidget with your clothing. Vintage Cufflinks & More can help you with your style, confidence and accessories.



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213064-4 Vintage Cufflinks SWANK 1940s Goldtone Decorative Oval-Shaped Charming
Charming Vintage Cufflinks SWANK 1940s Goldtone Decorative

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226155-3 Vintage Tie Clasp 1950s HICKOK USA Goldtone Monogrammed Initial C Tie Clip Bar   Vintage Tie Clasp 1950s PARKWAY - Silvertone Black Horse Equestrian Tie Clip Bar   213016-1 Vintage Cufflinks 1950s SWANK - Goldtone Monogrammed RWC, Handsome   S89039-1 Vintage Necktie 1990s RESERVE - Silk Tie Grey Gray Attractive Charming Retro   269113-1 Vintage Collar Bar 1920s Antique - Goldtone Exquisite Finely Detailed Pattern   213093-1 Vintage Cufflinks SWANK 1950s - Silvertone Round Star Diamante   213095-1 Vintage Cufflinks 1940s SWANK 12K GF Red Stone Large Round Bold  

  1. Vintage Tie Clasp 1950s HICKOK USA – Goldtone Tie Clip Bar, Monogrammed Initial C – A spectacular vintage tie clasp, made by HICKOK USA in the 1950s, engraved with the Initial C on brushed silvertone oval-shaped surround. Ideal for skinny ties.
  2. Vintage Tie Clasp 1950s PARKWAY – Silvertone & Black Tie Clip Bar, Horse/Equestrian – A striking vintage tie clasp, made by PARKWAY in the 1950s, with a black square featuring a horse’s head (in relief cutout) and a decorative picture-frame surround.
  3. Vintage Cufflinks 1950s SWANK – Goldtone, Monogrammed RWC – Handsome vintage cufflinks, made by SWANK in the 1950s. The fronts are engraved with the initials RWC – just say they were your grandfather’s!!
  4. Vintage Necktie 1990s RESERVE – Silk Tie, Grey/Gray, Attractive Charming Retro – An attractive retro vintage necktie from the 1990s, made by Reserve. SILK TIE.
  5. Vintage Collar Bar 1920s Antique – Goldtone, Exquisite, Finely Detailed Pattern – An exquisite antique collar bar from the 1920s, with a finely detailed pattern.
  6. Vintage Cufflinks SWANK 1950s – Silvertone, Round, Star & Diamante – Ritzy vintage cufflinks, made by SWANK in the 1950s, featuring a star pattern and a diamante centre.
  7. Vintage Cufflinks 1940s SWANK – 12K Gold Filled with Red Stones – Bold 12K Gold Filled vintage cufflinks, made by SWANK in the 1940s, each featuring 4 red stones on a large round front piece.



What’s been selling…

  • Vintage Cufflinks by GEMSCO NY, 1940s (US Coast Guard Auxiliary Uniform). Shipped to QLD, Australia.
    “AAA+ Excellent Transaction. Well packed. As described. Many thanks.”
    219099-1 Vintage Cufflinks GEMSCO 1940s - US Coast Guard
  • Vintage Slide-On Tie Clasp by ANSON (1940s). Shipped to VIC, Australia.
    “Beautiful quality and fantastic Seller!! Very fast!! Many thanks!!”
    227044-1 Vintage Tie Clasp ANSON knot slide



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