Don’t Talk About Nonsense

“I don’t want to talk about nonsense because it doesn’t help me.”
– Steve McQueen, The King of Cool.

Part of being stylish is not wasting your time on idle gossip or conversations where you are not learning or sharing knowledge. Improve your vocabulary and your interests, and you will become much more interesting and appealing.
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    An inside look at the ancient art of Japanese Damascene – one of the most stunning styles of men’s vintage jewellery… and a fascinating technique – with real gold and silver inlaid on a fire-baked surface.



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279121 Vintage Lapel Pin 1970s Initial L   229024 Vintage Tie Clasp 1950s PARKWAY Silvertone Black Horse Equestrian Tie Clip Bar   219022 Vintage 1980s Cufflinks Round Goldtone Retro   229051 Vintage Tie Clasp 1940s Equestrian Horse Racing Buggy Goldtone Tie Clip Bar   299127 Vintage Tie Press 1930s Wood Chrome Antique Art Deco   299120 Vintage Money Clip 1970s LUCK  
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299118 Vintage Money Clip 1970s Gloss Modest Style   269177 Vintage Collar Bar 1960s Silvertone Nut Bolt Design   D89124 Vintage Necktie Royal Arms of England   269178 Vintage Collar Bar 1970s Goldtone Cube Ends unscrew   219129 Vintage Cufflinks 1930s Art Deco Red   269179 Vintage Collar Bar 1940s Goldtone Cut-Out Pattern Slide-On   299123 Vintage Burlesque Lingerie Clip Fleur de Lis  

  1. Vintage Money Clip 1970s – Goldtone, Gloss, Modest Style, Fabulous Retro
    A fabulous retro vintage money clip from the 1970s, with a modest style and a gloss finish.
  2. Vintage Collar Bar 1960s – Silvertone Nut & Bolt Design (unscrew)
    A handsome vintage collar bar from the 1960s with fabulous nut & bolt ends
  3. Vintage Necktie 1960s – Royal Arms of England – Rampant Lion – Macaseta Tie
    A majestic vintage necktie from the late 1960s featuring a golden rampant lion, representing the Royal Arms of England, on a dark navy blue background with a lighter blue stripe.
  4. Vintage Collar Bar 1970s – Goldtone Cube Ends (unscrew)
    A classic vintage collar bar from the 1970s with fabulous high-gloss cube ends.
  5. Vintage Cufflinks 1930s Art Deco Red Polymer Cabochon Goldtone Bezel Setting
    Dashing vintage cufflinks from the 1930s Art Deco period with a large translucent red polymer cabochon in a goldtone bezel setting.
  6. Vintage Collar Bar 1940s – Goldtone Cut-Out Pattern Slide-On
    A stylish vintage collar bar from the 1940s with an exquisite cut-out pattern.
  7. Vintage Lingerie Clip 1950s – Fleur de Lis – Burlesque – Clothing Fastener
    An intriguing little clip ideal for burlesque-wear, in goldtone & silvertone with a beautifully engraved Fleur de Lis on the front.



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  • Antique Button Hook Victorian MOP Mother of Pearl Handle 1890s. Shipped to Victoria, Australia.
    “Terrific seller. Very quick postage and a pleasure to deal with.”
    299133 Antique Button Hook Victorian MOP Mother of Pearl Handle 1890s
  • Vintage Tie Clasp 1950s – Train, Steam Engine, Locomotive, Chicago, Tie Clip Bar. Shipped to Victoria, Australia.
    229106 Vintage Tie Clasp 1950s Train Steam Engine Locomotive Chicago Tie Clip Bar

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