Hi, I’m Sandra Burns. In 2006 a hobby led me to develop a fascination with vintage cufflinks and ALL men’s vintage jewellery. Based in Perth, Western Australia, my products are regularly shipped to countries all over the world.

More recently, I have expanded into the field of “Style Tips For Men”, drawing on a career of working in the corporate world and expanding on my years of assisting friends with their style upgrades. I guess this was also triggered by the death of my father in 2016 and the realisation that there was one less “true gentleman” in the world.

“I help gentlemen raise their profile and awareness with improved accessories, style and confidence.”

When I meet a client, I like to offer a varied and detailed perspective. I work best when I come across a client who is passionate to improve themselves and seeking guidance to achieve their goal. I love witnessing the boost in confidence when my clients implement their style strategies and start receiving compliments. I have found that it is now quite easy to dramatically improve style and confidence with a program I have established known as Your Style Upgrade.

Loving what you do has its benefits. I am fortunate to have many stylish friends in the corporate and music worlds (and of course in the men’s fashion industry), who I can draw on for inspiration and advice… and I am proud to be able to call these gentlemen my friends.

“Creating high quality “How To” content for my clients and subscribers is something that I am passionate about.”

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