Anson (jewellery hallmark)

Olof Anderson was a Swedish immigrant to America, who founded the Anderson Tool & Die Company in 1938, making items for jewellery manufacturers.  During WWII the machinery was adapted to milling machines and entered into war production work.  In 1945 Anderson formed Anson Incorporated and began men’s jewellery production.  The company was purchased by the C&J Jewelry Group in 1993.

Karatclad is a term meaning heavy gold plate.


  • Anson
  • Curvo-gram
  • Glider
  • Golden Weave
  • Grip Clip
  • Karatclad
  • Kuff Loop
  • Midg-ette
  • Nife Slide
  • Pin-ettes
  • Sir!
  • Tri-Slide

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