Coro (jewellery hallmark)


Designers Emanuel Cohn and Gerard Rosenberg started their business in Providence, Rhode Island, in the early 1900s, selling costume jewellery and accessories, they later became known as Coro (incorporating the first two letters of their surnames Cohn and Rosenberg).

They became very successful and very well known for their high quality designs and volume of jewellery at affordable prices.

Coro (1920 to 1979). In general, the Coro mark appears on the more modestly priced jewelry.

Vendome (1944 to 1979), best known for glittering glass beads and earrings, also featured other wonderful pieces such as the cabochon and rhinestone pieces pictured below. Vendome attracted the higher end market.

Coro Craft (1937 to ?) was used for higher end pieces.

Corocraft (1944 to 1980) was often sterling vermeil, and the pieces that incorporated both rhinestones and enameling are truly spectacular. The “Day and Night” pieces are true works of genius with fascinating mechanisms that allow the pieces to move. Corocraft were one of their higher priced lines.

Pegasus (1944 to ?)

Duette & Francois are other lines produced by the Coro design house. These marks were used for the higher end of the market and attracted the wealthier clients.

Adolph Katz was one of the best known of the designers, but there were many others responsible for the wonderful style of Coro jewelry.

At their peak, Coro was the largest costume jewelry manufacturing operation in the world.

Coro ceased trading circa 1979. Coro Inc. in Canada is still in operation today.

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