Forstner (jewellery hallmark)

The Forstner Chain Corporation was established in 1922 in Irvington, New Jersey.  Renamed to Forstner Jewelry Manufacturing Corp. in 1950.  Initially using block lettering, the logo was changed to script lettering in 1937.


FORSTNER in block lettering (1922-1937)

Forstner in script lettering (from 1937)

Backward F with arrow through the centre (1962)

Other design names attributed to Forstner: Fortune, Snap-Lock, Trustyle, Dapper, FCC, Forsit, Dubl-Lock.

Special design lines: Radio (1920), Numum (1923), Image of a Carosel (1935), Climatest (1949), Bolita (1950), Forstar (1950), Remembrance (1954), Teenette (1958), Token of Love (1965)

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