Hickok (jewellery hallmark)

The back of the clasp is stamped HICKOK USA.

The Hickok Manufacturing Company was founded in 1909 by S.Rae Hickok in Rochester, New York.  The company was a major manufacturer of men’s jewellery, belts, wallets, and other accessories.  When the founder died in 1945, the company was inherited by his son, Raymond Hickok. The company was purchased by the Tandy Corporation in 1971.

Slogan “positively finer” was being used on advertising in 1956.


Some identifying marks:

  • uses a “shield” mark on small items
  • HMCO
  • Savoy
  • Kristol
  • Hi-Art – first used in 1953
  • Capri – first used in 1954

1909 to 1971

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