Jewellery Periods

Periods (or eras) in Vintage Jewellery

  • 1840-1860 – Victoria & Albert
  • 1861-1889 – Victorian
  • 1890-1915 – Edwardian
  • 1895-1915 – Art Nouveau
  • 1920-1939 – Art Deco
  • 1940-1960 – Art Modern
  • Important Note:
    The above refer to the high point of the
    styles and do refer to the particular point in
    time for that period.

Copyright example: If an item is tagged with the copyright symbol and 1955, this means the item was produced on or after 1955. The design on which the item is based was copyrighted in 1955.

Tie clasps with alligator teeth grips were introduced in the 1950s.

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