Krementz (jewellery hallmark)

Krementz & Co was founded by George Krementz in 1866 in Newark, New Jersey.

Originally manufacturing men’s jewellery (mostly cufflinks, tie clasps and collar bars), Krementz started making women’s jewellery in the 1930s.

In the 1950s, the Krementz hallmark changed from block lettering to script lettering.

The Colibri Group purchased the company in 1997, and continues to produce jewellery with the Krementz name written in script, instead of capitals.

Marks used – Krementz, Krementz USA, Heraldic (on a shield 1930), Nu-Kay (1907), Snap-Bar (1940), Diana (with three dots underneath), Kremaloy, Krementz Plate, Krementz Made In USA, Correct Jewelry For Men (1900s-1920s).

Krementz History:

  • 1866 – Krementz & Co founded, making men’s jewellery
  • 1866 – Krementz hallmark in block lettering KREMENTZ
  • 1900s-1920s – Correct Jewelry For Men
  • 1930s – commenced making women’s jewellery
  • 1950s – Krementz hallmark changed to script letting Krementz
  • 1997 – purchased by Calibri Group, still using Krementz hallmark


  • KREMENTZ (1866-1950s)
  • Correct Jewelry For Men (1900s-1920s)
  • Nu-Kay (1907)
  • Heraldic – on a shield (1930)
  • Snap-Bar (1940)
  • Krementz (1950s onwards)
  • Diana – with three dots underneath
  • Kremaloy
  • Krementz Plate
  • Krementz USA
  • Krementz Made In USA


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