Monet (jewellery hallmark)

MONET: 1928 – Present (now owned by Liz Claiborne Since 2000)

The Monocraft Products Company was founded in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1928 by two brothers, Michael and Jay Chernow. The company first produced gold plated monograms on handbags. The business expanded and around 1937 began manufacturing jewellery under the name of Monet. Monet jewellery is of the Art Modern design. In the 1940s, the company started using sterling silver and silver plating along with the gold plated previously used as base metal. The jewellery produced is very durable with lasting quality. Monet was also responsible for several technological advancements in jewellery, the friction ear clip and the barrel clutch for pierced earrings.

The Monocraft Products Company, that produced Monet jewellery, was acquired by General Mills in 1968, purchased by Crystal Brands Jewellery Group in 1989 to 1994, acquired in 1994 to 2000 by Chase Capital Partners, Lattice Holding, and in 2000 was purchased by Liz Claiborne Inc. with production of the jewellery moved out of the U.S.

Marks: “MONET”, “MONET with copyright symbol” after 1955.

Monet jewellery has successfully adapted to the constant changing images and designs of our changing times. The Monet jewellery made today still maintains its high quality and quantity of production. It is still able to change styles and designs capable of meeting the competitive market of today in costume jewellery.

1928 – Monocrafts Products Company founded, gold-plated monograms
1928-1955 – used the MONET hallmark
1937 – began producing jewellery under the name Monet
1940s – started using sterling silver and silverplating
1955-present – uses the MONET hallmark with a copyright symbol (either before or after the Monet)
1968 – acquired by General Mills
1989 – purchased by Crystal Brands Jewellery Group
1994 – acquired by Chase Capital Partners, Lattice Holding
2000 – purchased by Liz Claiborne Inc

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