Napier (jewellery hallmark)

Napier Jewellery was founded in 1875 as Whitney and Rice and then within 10 years became the E.A. Bliss Co. After World War I, it became Napier Bliss Co. and in 1922 it became The Napier Co.

The mark Napier in block lettering was used since 1922 until its sale in late 1980s and merchandise was marked Napier in script lettering. The company was later purchased by “Victoria & Co”. The Napier company was closed by Victoria & Co on 15 October 1999. Nothing but excess stock was last being sold by dealers that were lucky enough to have it.


  • NAPIER (block lettering) – 1922 to late 1980s
  • Napier (script lettering) – late 1980s to 1999


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