Sarah Coventry (jewellery hallmark)

Sarah Coventry Inc was founded in 1949 in Newark, New Jersey, USA.  Sarah Coventry jewellery was only sold at home jewellery parties.  Although the jewellery bore the name Sarah Coventry, the items were sourced from local jewellery manufacturers.  The company did not design or manufacture the jewellery itself.  The founder, Charles Stuart, filed for bankruptcy in 1981 and discontinued operations in 1984.  The Sarah Coventry business commenced trading again in 2003.


  • Coventry – first used in 1949, for both men’s and women’s jewellery
  • Sarah Coventry – was the next known mark
  • SC – was first used in 1950
  • Sarah – was used around 1951
  • Sarah Cov – came into existence in 1960

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