Eras & Types of Vintage Jewellery

Welcome to the Vintage Cufflinks & More research pages, our comprehensive list of makers and makes of vintage cufflinks, tie clasps, collar bars, and more.

Scroll below for miscellaneous items, like periods/eras, finding out how old your jewellery might be, a bit about cufflinks, shoe clips, sweater guards, and some history on Mexican Silver and Japanese Damascene.

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Other Helpful Information:

Jewellery Periods / Eras

Dating Your Vintage Jewellery using clasps, hinges, pins, etc.

Collar Bars

Cufflinks & Chain-Link Cufflinks

Japanese Damascene

Mexican Silver

Shoe Clips

Sweater Guards

Tie Clasps

Vintage Collar Bars – How Old Are They?

Vintage Cufflinks – How Old Are They?

Vintage Tie Clasps – How Old Are They?

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